Sprained Ankle in Toronto

Symptoms of a High Ankle Sprain in Toronto

It’s not uncommon foreign athlete to suffer a high ankle sprain in the Toronto after a collision on the pitch, court or beach with another player. Others can suffer this type of injury after landing strangely after jumping. It doesn’t matter what kind of activity that you’re involved in, it’s important to know the symptoms of a sprained ankle so you can get the right physiotherapy treatment.

One of these sprains affects the upper ligaments in your ankle. These ligaments stabilize your foot for activities like walking and running. High ankle sprains don’t hurt  as much as ones that affect the lower part of your body.

Some of the symptoms of a high ankle sprain the Toronto include:

  • Tenderness and or instability. This type of sprained ankle can happen when you rotator twist your foot. They often happen during high impact or contact athletic activities.
  • Redness as well as numbness and/or tingling are some of the other symptoms. A physiotherapist will be able to diagnose the sprain. You’ll need to show them where you are experiencing discomfort.
  • If you have difficulty bearing weight or walking you might have one of these high ankle sprains. If a severe injury is suspected, a CT or MRI scan might be ordered.
  • If you’re experiencing discomfort when you try and stand on your tiptoes, that’s another symptom of this issue. A doctor might want to take some x-rays to rule out any broken bones or other problem.

There are several ways that you can suffer a high ankle injury:

  • Landing in an awkward way after jumping. That’s one of the big reasons this injury shows up for athletes who enjoy sports like basketball.
  • If you twist or roll your ankle during a rapid movement, you can injure it. This is another big reason that a high ankle sprain is a common occurrence for athletes.
  • Colliding with another player during a sporting event is another way to injure your ankle.

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