5 Ways Physiotherapy in Downtown Toronto Helps An Athlete Recover

LiveActive Sports Medicine provides personalized injury diagnosis and treatment in the form of physiotherapy in downtown Toronto. One of our primary focuses is optimizing an athlete’s health and performance.

A multidisciplinary team provides a comprehensive approach that results in the best care. Our collaborative staff combines personalized treatment plans and medical knowledge to optimize your recovery goals.

Here are several ways physiotherapy can help athletes regain their stride after an injury.

  • Balance and Coordination Training is a Central Focus. Stability platforms and balance boards are standard. These are used to improve and challenge balance in a recovering athlete. Physiotherapists also like to use drills that coordinate reaction time.
  • Injury Prevention Education is Important. Physiotherapists use regular assessments to monitor and tweak training habits to prevent overuse injuries. They also teach correct movements and sport-specific techniques.
  • Muscle Strengthening Techniques are Critical. Resistance training is a popular method to help an athlete recover from injury. Physiotherapists in downtown Toronto can use resistance bands and weights to rebuild strength.
  • Pain Management is Essential. There are various effective techniques here, including hands-on ones like massage therapy. Other options include taping and bracing to support the injured areas and reduce pain. Exercise therapy incorporates custom movements to strengthen muscles and reduce discomfort.
  • Flexibility Improvement through stretching exercises reduces the risk of a future injury or a relapse. These can include static stretching, where a recovering athlete is in a comfortable position for some time. Dynamic stretching, on the other hand, incorporates many moving body parts and gradually increases speed and reach in a controlled way.

Our physiotherapy downtown in Toronto team provides a comprehensive approach that includes tools, guides, and skills to overcome an injury. We proudly offer individual personalized care that diagnoses and treats different injuries. Our goal is to optimize your health and boost your performance. Contact us today to find out how we can keep you active and healthy.

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