Podiatry in Downtown Toronto Includes Gait Correction with Orthotics. Here’s How

Podiatry in downtown Toronto through Live Active includes gait correction with orthotics. Don’t let foot pain keep you from an active lifestyle. Playing several different kinds of sports or just being active can lead to issues over time.

We can assess your individual gait conditions and treat them with custom orthotics. These products do a number of things to help you get back to a healthy lifestyle including:

  • Providing support after an injury while you recover. We understand how important biomechanics are for every athlete. That’s true for runners or people who participate in other sports like a pitcher in baseball.
  • Preventing injuries is another bonus to gait correction with orthotics. We start by creating customized plaster or models. If you’re looking for outstanding podiatry in downtown Toronto that includes proactive measures, get in touch with us today.
  • Orthotics are also an important part of pain relief. Athletes and every day active people should be looking for numbness and tingling in the affected area. Some of the other symptoms of an overuse injury can include stiffness and pain in the foot as well as mild swelling that runs along the tendon.
  • Gait correction with the right orthotics is a great way to enhance your efficiency whether you’re a runner or another type of athlete. The right orthotics can also help prevent many different common injuries by controlling foot movements.

For runners, some issues can be dealt with by tweaking your running techniques. However, this type of additional support can help avoid common problems. Many runners are looking to orthotics to look after specific issues like pronation.

Being prescribed arch supports is common when a runner or other person suffers from flat feet. These items can also help to correct any gait problems. While it’s true that even the best running techniques can’t counter every injury, getting the correct insole reduces chronic pain issues and other problems. 

LiveActive offers podiatry in downtown Toronto to look after a variety of client needs. Along with gait correction with orthotics we offer a variety of other choices including shockwave and laser wart treatments. Our team offers a collaborative approach that combines personalized treatment with expert medical knowledge. The goal is always to optimize your performance goals and speed your recovery along.

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