A Podiatry in Downtown Toronto List of 5 Footcare Tips for Runners

A Podiatry in Downtown Toronto clinic like ours offers a number of different options for runners looking to stay in good shape. Our sports medicine physicians are experts at managing diagnosing and overcoming different injuries.

We want everyone to have the right information to attain their athletic goals. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 footcare tips for runners.

Stretching is Critical  

You cannot say it too often—stretching before and after a run is critical. Don’t forget this isn’t just about your feet and toes. Your hamstrings and calves need to be worked too. Target foot stretches on the arches and toes. A few examples are total curls and toe spreads.

Pick The Right Training Shoes 

It’s best to look for a pair of training shoes that are unstructured and light so that your foot can interact with the floor. Podiatry in Downtown Toronto experts suggest you look for neutral running shoes and brand names like Adidas. 

It’s a good idea to have a few different pairs of running shoes so you can rotate through them. Expert runners pick a lighter shoe that is good for speed and has a cushion for recovery running.

Nail Care Matters

Toenails can be a constant challenge for every runner. Proper form and footwear is very important. It’s important for runners to remember that longer nails can scratch up against socks or even rub against your running shoe. It’s best to keep them short and clean and cut a straight line when you trim them that removes any course edges.

Preventing Blisters Matters

Running shoes can cause blisters for many runners. You’ll need to wear the correct fitting ones. If your shoe is rubbing against a part of your foot, you might need a better-quality sock.

Look After Swelling Feet  

Swelling feet are a fact of life for long-distance runners. Avoiding dehydration is important and that’s why you should be drinking water while you’re running. Bathing your feet in cool water after a long run can also help. This can help prevent permanent damage by avoiding overheating and swelling.

Podiatry in Downtown Toronto through LiveActive Sports Medicine can help with any running specific injuries and we also focus on performance focused programming. Whether you’re an elite, experienced a brand-new runner our focus is helping you increase your times, training and mechanics so you can reach your goals.