How Physiotherapy Provides Downtown Toronto Tension Headache Relief

Downtown Toronto tension headache relief is available at our clinic located there. These types of headaches are characterized by dull pains and pressure on the forehead.

There is an emotional impact that can include irritability and frustration. Tension headaches can make it difficult to engage in your daily routines and concentrate on sporting activities or work.

The First Step to Recovery

The first step is a diagnosis where a physiotherapist can help you identify what kind of headache you’re having and then develop a treatment plan. Tension headaches can occur temporarily and last from 30 minutes to a full week. Some can go on for 15 days a month for up to three months or more.

Physiotherapy uses several different steps to help patients find relief.

  • Everything begins with the diagnosis. A physiotherapist will assess your condition and supply an accurate diagnosis. They use a range of different tools like medical imaging, specific tests and several different types of physical assessments. They observe and assess the first symptoms. To reach an accurate conclusion physiotherapists also look at detailed medical histories.
  • Downtown Toronto tension headache relief means implementing effective treatments. Physiotherapists use a variety of different treatments including manual therapies and acupuncture. Once the correct diagnosis is made they can provide the right combination to speed along your recovery from this problem. They use a variety of other techniques including joint mobilization to relieve muscle tension and improve relaxation.
  • Physiotherapists supply the results you’re looking for. These professionals support patient engagement and education for overall well-being. They can help treat tension headaches by looking at underlying causes and supplying the correct therapeutic plans.

The effects of these headaches on a person’s life can vary. The duration frequency and intensity of them makes a difference. It’s important to remember studies have shown people suffering from tension headaches have less strength in their muscles than others.

The physiotherapist can help you with a series of exercises to strengthen the upper back, shoulder and neck muscles and supporting muscle groups. These professionals will put together an individualized treatment plan for each of the patients they look after.

LiveActive has a team of physiotherapists on staff who can treat a variety of different chronic and acute injuries, diseases, disabilities and conditions.  Providing downtown Toronto tension headache relief is one of the priorities of these professionals.