5 Common Ways Athletes Suffer A Pulled Hamstring in Etobicoke

Pulled Hamstring in Etobicoke

5 Common Ways Athletes Suffer A Pulled Hamstring in Etobicoke

LiveActive is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care when it comes to optimizing injury recovery from issues like a pulled hamstring in Etobicoke. Identifying the origin of the problem is the first step in the recovery process. That’s why we’ve put together five common ways hamstring strain can occur.


Hamstring pain can be caused by overtraining and that includes overstretching. The symptoms can include a sudden pain as well as a tenderness and swelling. Remember, stretching is suggested before and after workouts. However, overextending muscles and ligaments beyond the normal range they have can result in this type of injury. Stretching should not be uncomfortable and/or painful.

Muscle Fatigue

At the beginning of any kind of exercise or athletic competition your muscles should be resilient and strong. This type of fatigue can lessen their ability to perform over time. There are several different causes that are physical in nature including fibromyalgia and dehydration. Look for symptoms that include localized pain and muscle twitching and trembling. Continuing on when you’re suffering from muscle fatigue can result in hamstring strain
that can lead to a tear.

No Warm Up

Not warming up before physical activity can increase your chances of suffering a pulled hamstring in Etobicoke. Skipping this important part of physical activity means that your muscles are more than likely to be rigid. The proper warm-up does several things including preparing ligaments and tendons as well as muscles for the activity to come.

Direct Impact

Trauma as well as direct impact can also cause a hamstring pull. Muscle fibers can tear when there’s a collision during a sporting activity. This is common in sports like ice hockey and football. Previous injuries are also considered a pre-existing factor that can make this type of hamstring strain worse.

Lack Of Conditioning

Regular conditioning is an important part of preventing one of these injuries .Targeting the hamstring and other important muscle groups should include different aspects. Like flexibility exercises as well as strength training and other proper warm-up routines. LiveActive is proud of their collaborative team approach that combines personal treatment plans and expert medical knowledge to treat issues like a pulled hamstring in Etobicoke.

If you’ve suffered a pulled hamstring in Etobicoke, contact us today to find out how we can help overcoming this injury and prevent it from happening again.

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